February's Innovation Challenge

Challenge: Make it Moving

Everyone has a story to tell. Great stories are emotional. They inspire and move us. A great way to change behaviors is to tell your and your company’s tale in a compelling way. 

Try This

Make an emotional connection with your audience by creating a dramatic tale of your company’s history. Need help getting started? Use these techniques.
Sentence One: State the essence of your tale
Sentence Two: Spotlight what makes you or it special
Sentence Three: Dramatize the obstacles faced
Sentence Four: Explain how you overcame hurdles
Sentence Five: Connect your lesson to the rest of us

Share your experience and win!

This month’s first three inspiring experiences that are shared below, will win a free copy of Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, and Maybe Even the World, by Warren Berger.

BSD Makes it Move

We help many clients tell their stories. Some of them have built-in drama, like AIPAC’s legacy of strengthening America’s relationship with Israel. We can help you tell your organization’s tale by bringing it to life in print, at events and in multimedia, such as this projected stage for one of Washington’s most powerful lobbying groups. 
Click below see it in action.