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Brand Next: Want some 'tude with that food?



Brand Next: Want some ’tude with that food?

by Howard C. Smith, Chief Strategist


If you're looking for a fulfilling relationship, look no further than your local supermarket!

From chips to candy to cookies—and even beef jerky—new food branding tries, and succeeds, to draw us in on an ever-deepening emotional relationship. Just like a new romance, food packaging is designed to make us feel flirty, sporty, chic and blissful.

Show First, Tell Second

Image with caption
Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest, Hungary

Show First, Tell Second

by Beth Singer, Principal and Creative Director


A friend of mine posted this photo on her Facebook page, during her recent visit to Budapest, Hungary. The bronze shoes are affixed to the bank of the majestic Danube River. The shoes commemorate the Hungarian Jews who, during the Holocaust, were forced to remove their clothes and stand, waiting to be shot in the back.

My friend said walking amongst the shoes was one of the most humbling and moving experiences of her life.

Why is this modern memorial so compelling?