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Brand Next: Want some 'tude with that food?



Brand Next: Want some ’tude with that food?

by Howard C. Smith, Chief Strategist


If you're looking for a fulfilling relationship, look no further than your local supermarket!

From chips to candy to cookies—and even beef jerky—new food branding tries, and succeeds, to draw us in on an ever-deepening emotional relationship. Just like a new romance, food packaging is designed to make us feel flirty, sporty, chic and blissful.

The Unwritten Rules of Pro Bono Work

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The Unwritten Rules of Pro Bono Work

By Beth Singer, Creative Director

Many non-profits are rich in passion and ideas, but short on funding. This leaves the well dry when it comes to creating communication tools, a necessary puzzle piece for raising money and creating engagement with their causes. It’s a common practice to request “pro bono” work to get the fundraising/marketing/branding ball rolling.

What does pro bono really mean? It is simply professional work voluntarily undertaken as a public service and without payment or at a reduced fee.