Loudoun County Public Schools

Making the grade with stellar messages

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) serves the education needs of one of the fastest growing counties in the country. Located 30 miles from the nation’s capital, the school system needed to hire more than 1,000 teachers, administrators and support staff each year for the next five years. The school system’s superintendent for human resources asked BSD to create a recruitment campaign that would draw new college graduates to LCPS. Given the nationwide shortage of qualified teachers, it was imperative to position Loudoun County as an ideal place to relocate and start a career in education.


The BSD solution 

Beth Singer Design first researched the amenities the county offered—from cultural attractions and recreation to housing and shopping opportunities. Armed with this information, we created a campaign aimed at college seniors of diverse backgrounds. The marketing message positioned Loudoun County, a bedroom community of Washington, D.C., as a vibrant mix of majestic mountains and urban delight. 

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Loudoun County Public Schools — Brand developed for Loudoun County Public Schools applied to job fair flyers, employee handbook and personnel flyers.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Created as part of a multichannel teacher recruitment campaign, the brochure is a tool used by college seniors to compare the advantages of different school districts. Project services included concept and writing in addition to design.
Loudoun County Public Schools — "Star in Your Own Life" is part of a multichannel teacher recruitment campaign we conceived, designed and wrote. Main campaign brochure highlights the advantages of the region and lifestyle.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Promotional items developed as part of a multichannel teacher recruitment campaign, for distribution at job fairs, aimed at college seniors.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Animated landing page of a teacher recruitment website. Project included flash programming and creation of database application that aggregated site visit interactions. Launch Website.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Animated, flash-based teacher recruitment website, aimed at college seniors; included an interactive game that featured county attributes and lifestyles. Launch Website.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Response page for a flash-based teacher recruitment website including the creation of an interactive game that maximized visitor engagement. Launch Website.
Loudoun County Public Schools — Promotional movie theater trailer to create awareness of employment opportunities for this public school district.

The marketing materials feature young teaching professionals enjoying the numerous activities— hiking, sports, dining, theater, museums and shopping—that the county offers. The campaign name invites recruits to “Star in Your Own Life” by joining the LCPS team and taking advantage of a multifaceted, exciting environment and great place to live.

The Washington Post reported: 

“Loudoun recruiters are enticing candidates from Buffalo to San Juan with a little marketing shtick designed to make the subdivision-rimmed base of the Blue Ridge Mountains seem more like the Hollywood Hills, a place where dreams can come true. Their slogan beckons: 'Star in Your Own Life.'

…With their star-studded slogan, they are trying to inject a dose of glamour into a profession that typically involves low pay and middling respect.

…Recruiters say it helps them stand out in a sea of white shirts and ties at job fairs.  They wear black shirts emblazoned with gold stars as well as star-shaped buttons with blinking red lights.  They hand out Starburst candies.” —The Washington Post, April 4, 2007

The “Star in Your Own Life” slogan is used on all print materials, job fair displays and promotional giveaways. Recruiters wear “Star in Your Own Life” T-shirts and hats. Their youthful appearance energizes the job fairs, where suits are more typical. 

Two key vehicles of the recruitment campaign are the game-like website and a brochure that facilitates college seniors in comparing the features and benefits of their job offers. The website playfully asked users to choose their interests from among Loudoun’s offerings and responds with a customized description of local amenities. The site also captures visitor data for deeper marketing opportunities.

At the height of the campaign more than 800 teachers were hired in one year, servicing more than 18,000 students.