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Recruiting students? Learn the best techniques

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Recruiting Students? Learn the best techniques

by Beth Singer, Principal

In this latest brochure for AIPAC, our task was to help AIPAC inspire more young people on campus to join the cause in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship. It lays out the case in a language and a style that speaks directly to this generation's desire and capabilities to pursue endeavors they think will help society.

What are the best triggers for recruiting young activists to your cause?

1. Be brief
2. Get personal
3. Understand their motivations and speak directly to them
4. Employ design excellence

The balance of brevity, a highly styled design, personal detail, and stunning portraits are inspiring many young people on college campuses to join the cause, take AIPAC seriously, and become politically active.

Here’s Why it Works:

  • The brochure speaks to Generation Z’s highly connected way of life, and makes a case for further connectivity with their Congressional Representatives as well as like-minded individuals in the Pro-Israel community.
  • The design is visually on par with digital content this demographic frolics in everyday.
  • Generation Z is more likely to have social circles that include people from different ethnic groups and religions. Therefore, showing the spectrum of ethnic, religious and political diversity of AIPAC’s student movement is an important message that validates students’ trust in their brand.
  • A large percentage of Gen Z communicates in shorter bursts through texting, so the narratives of “AIPAC today” and the “future vision” are brief, and opportunities to get involved are clear cut and to the point.

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