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Our clients work inspires me to do better

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Our clients work inspires me to do better

By Beth Singer, Creative Director

From defending our nation against terrorist threats, to Tsunami relief efforts, to raising millions of dollars in support of Israel, the good our clients do in the world is a constant source of inspiration to me.

We have just finished designing the 2013 Annual Report for the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). PADF works in the Americas to create a better life for millions of impoverished and disadvantaged people. This is the sixth report we have had the pleasure of creating for them.

One of PADF's areas of focus is supporting local entrepreneurs and micro businesses that create jobs, with the goal of improving the quality of life, especially for women. To that end, they provide the necessities of life — clean water, nutritious food and the security of a home rebuilt after a natural disaster. In addition, they teach skills that allow women to have the resources and confidence necessary to be independent.

As an entrepreneur, I am intimately familiar with the challenges women face in successfully running a business. Even with our many resources, including a great staff and access to prestigious clients here in our nation's capital, managing a business requires constant feeding and nurturing. I feel I have a lot in common with the spirited women profiled in the PADF Annual Report. 

When I think about what it would be like to run a business after the devastation of a hurricane or in a community where children are a target for human trafficking, my admiration and deep respect goes out to clients like PADF, for creating livelihoods where there were none, encouraging resilience in the aftermath of tragedy and fostering a culture of civility. Everyday, when I walk in the office, I feel grateful to have the resources developed by American ingenuity to run our business, and also be able to work with clients like PADF, who provide those less fortunate the leg up to improve their lives.

To see more of our work for PADF click here.

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